Sellwands are special blaze rods that you can use to right click on a chest to sell everything in the chest! Sellwands have unlimited use and can have a sell multiplier. They stack onto your personal multiplier and boosters. These are seasonly! 

(( Purchasing a sellwand or anything on the Elestra webstore is final! Please read our TOS before you purchase. ))

1.0x Sellwand 0.99 USD
1.25x Sellwand 1.49 USD
1.5x Sellwand 1.99 USD
1.75x Sellwand 2.79 USD
2x Sellwand 4.99 USD
2.25x Sellwand 6.49 USD
2.5x Sellwand 8.99 USD
2.75x Sellwand 14.49 USD
3x Sellwand 22.49 USD
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